Summary of the safeguarding policy of the Vicar & Parochial Church Council of Plympton St. Mary (PCC):

We try to ensure that this church is an open and welcoming place. At the same time we owe it to those who are vulnerable that we do all that is possible to safeguard them from harm. The Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Plympton St. Mary has adopted the Exeter Diocesan Safeguarding Policy and Guidance for Parishes dated 2014.


Since the publication of the Diocesan manual a revised version of Protecting All God’s Children was published in 2010 and a new policy Responding Well to those who have been Sexually Harmed was published in 2011. Together with two other policies Responding to Sexual Abuse 2006 and Promoting a Safe Church 2006, these four documents form the basis of Diocesan policy. This means that in this parish, all who are employees and volunteers who work directly with children, young persons and vulnerable adults require an enhanced Disclosing & Barring Service Disclosure (formerly Criminal Records Bureau disclosure).

Applications for DBS checks are now undertaken electronically via the Internet and relevant information on the procedure to be adopted is available from the parish safeguarding representative whose details appear below

(Website of the Diocese of Exeter:


Safeguarding  Representative:

Sam Snelling has been appointed by the PCC as the Safeguarding Representative, combining responsibility for children and young people and vulnerable adults. Any concerns about safeguarding should be directed to Sam Snelling Tel: 07841 018135 or email:


Children’s Advocate:

At the September 2014 PCC meeting, it was agreed that Mrs Sarah Duckworth would be appointed as the Children’s Advocate for the parish. A Children’s Advocate is someone to whom children and young people can talk about any problems, if they so wish, and who can refer matters of concern to the parish safeguarding officer or incumbent if necessary.

Sarah can be contacted on 01752 297073


 A copy of the full  safeguarding policy of the Parochial Church Council may be viewed in the Parish Office which is in the Church Hall in Market Road, Plympton. (Telephone 01752 348525) or click on the link provided below.

Plympton St Mary’s safeguarding policy 2014




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